Further, MNRE with assistance of Alternate Hydro Energy Center, IIT Roorkee has notified the following Comprehensive Standards / Manuals / Guidelines for Small Hydro Development

1. General
1.1 Small hydropower definitions and glossary of terms, list and scope of different Indian and international standards/guidelines/manuals (pdf)
1.2 & 2.1 Planning and Layouts (pdf)
1.3 Project Hydrology and Installed Capacity (pdf)
1.4 Reports Preparation: Reconnaissance, Pre-feasibility, Feasibility / Detailed Project Report and As Built Report (pdf)
1.5 Project Cost Estimation (pdf)
1.6 Economic and Financial Analysis and Tariff Calculation (pdf)
1.7 Model Contracts for Execution and Supplies of Civil and E&M Works (pdf)
1.8 Project Management of Small Hydroelectric Projects (pdf)
1.9 Environment Impact Assessment (pdf)
1.10 Performance Evaluation of Small Hydro Power plants (pdf)
1.11 Renovation, Modernisation and Uprating (pdf)
1.12 Site Investigations (pdf)
2.Civil Works
2.2 & 2.3 Hydraulic and Structural Design (pdf)
2.4 Maintenance of Civil Works (Including Hydro-Mechanical) (pdf)
2.5 Technical Specifications for Hydro-Mechanical Works (pdf)
3. Electro Mechanical Works
3.1 Selection of Turbine and Governing System (pdf)
3.2 Selection of Generator and Excitation Systems (pdf)
3.3 Design of Switchyard and Selection of Equipment main SLD and Layout (pdf)
3.4 Selection of Control, Automation, Protection and Monitoring System (pdf)
3.5 Design of Auxiliary Systems and Selection of Equipments (pdf)
3.6 Technical Specifications for Procurement of Generating Equipment (pdf)
3.7 Technical Specifications for Procurement of Auxiliaries (pdf)
3.8 Technical Specifications for Procurement and Installation of Switchyard Equipment (pdf)
3.9 Technical Specifications for Procurement of Control, Automation, Protection and Monitoring Systems (pdf)
3.10 Power Evacuation and Interconnections with Grid (pdf)
3.11 Operation and Maintenance (pdf)
3.12 Erection, Testing and Commissioning (pdf)